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Projekt 3 Studios is your exclusive team for skinning your Epicor® Eagle iNet™ ecommerce website and rebuilding (or building new) your main website to match seamlessly. We have designed and developed Epicor® iNet™ ecommerce websites for retail stores of all types and sizes across the U.S. and Canada.

Our iNet™ Website Skinning process includes a 3-step approach: design, development, and testing. Throughout the process, we communicate with customers to ensure your exact needs are being met to ensure all elements meet your standards.

WordPress & inet combo

how does it work?

Extend iNet e-store with WordPress

Your iNet site will get you great search results as your entire inventory is online and shows up when someone is looking for a specific product you offer. But when you add a content-rich WordPress site for your company’s brand-enhancing information, you can show up higher and more often in a broad array of searches. WordPress is an intuitive content management system (CMS) that is built for impressive search engine optimization (SEO).

Why add a WordPress Site?

The WordPress allows us to add other features for your web presence other than the virtual store full of categories and products. The WordPress and iNet e-store will also be skinned to look and function as though they are one site even if they are on separate platforms.

Epicor Logo plus WordPress Logo

Some Examples

What A few of our Epicor iNet WordPress and Inet combos look like.

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