Ashby Lumber Website

Ashby Lumber WEbsite

We were asked to redesign their current WordPress website as well as integrate their Epicor iNet store as well. The WordPress theme included adding in a contractor directory as well as a custom showroom feature.

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Gertens Wholesale Website

Gertens Wholesale iNet Website

For this project, Gertens Wholesale asked that we create an iNet e-store theme inspired by their current website. This iNet only theme uses a clean look and lots of white space.

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BURNCO Landscape Website

BURNCO Landscape WEbsite

This project was a redesign of their existing website and iNet e-store theme. The first step of the project consisted of designing the overall design and functionality for both the WordPress site and the iNet e-store.

The next step was taking the approved designs and developing the two different platforms to create a seamless shopping experience for the customer.

Both the iNet and WordPress websites had custom features developed specifically for BURNCO Landscapes online business outside of the normal WordPress/iNet project build.

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Suburban Landscape Website

Suburban Landscape Website

This project was a redesign of the their original website with adding the iNet eCommerce portion to the project. As with many of our iNet e-store builds we designed a customize WordPress theme to match the new iNet theme to create as much of seamless integration as possible.

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Lyngso Garden iNet Website

Lyngso GArden iNet WEbsite

For this project we were asked to take the design provided by LYNGSO and create an iNet theme that would match with their new redesigned WordPress site. in addition to many custom features for the iNet theme this project also pushed the boundaries of what we could with the platform.

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Grange Co-op Website

Grange Co-op WEbsite

Grange Co-op was the first Epicor iNet redesign. The first step in the project was to design the overall look for both the WordPress and iNet sites.

The next step was developing both platforms to look and behave like one website to create a seamless experience for their customer.

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