Custom Epicor® iNet™ ecommerce Web Design

Projekt 3 Studios is your exclusive team for skinning your Epicor® iNet™ ecommerce website and rebuilding (or building new) your main website to match seamlessly. We have designed and developed Epicor® iNet™ ecommerce websites for retail stores of all types and sizes across the U.S. and Canada. Our experienced team handles all iNet website design, website development, and testing.

Our iNet™ Website Skinning process includes a 3-step approach: design, development, and testing. Throughout the process, we communicate with customers to ensure your exact needs are being met to ensure all elements meet your standards.

During the testing phase, we make sure every part of the site function properly and adjust as necessary for an optimal user experience. Upon completion and launch of the site, our team will teach you how to make necessary changes to the site (changing out graphics, photos, and other routine text) and will provide a customized user guide. You will have complete control and use of the site once launched.

Wordpress + Epicor iNet

Your iNet site will get you great search results as your entire inventory is online and shows up when someone is looking for a specific product you offer. But when you add a content-rich WordPress site for your company’s brand-enhancing information, you can show up higher and more often in a broad array of searches. WordPress is an intuitive content management system (CMS) that is built for impressive search engine optimization (SEO). With clean code and endless features for adding unique metadata, combined with your own keyword-rich content, a WordPress site can greatly enhance your iNet site by attracting unique visitors and then sending them to your iNet site for a seamless online shopping experience.

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